Most extended health benefit plans will cover full or partial costs of our services.   Please check your plan to find out the details regarding your coverage. We can directly bill Greenshield for massage therapy treatments. A doctors note may be required for massage therapy.

Cancellation Policy
There is no fee for cancellations and re-bookings made at least 24 hours in advance. In fairness to our therapists and to other clientele, clients who give less than 24 hours notice for cancellations or re-bookings will be charged $50 their missed appointment.

Rates include HST unless otherwise stated. (Prices with HST are in effect from July 1, 2010)

Massage Therapy 
Therapeutic Ultrasound can be included as a part of your massage treatment at no extra cost.
30-minute Treatment$58
45-minute Treatment$75
60-minute Treatment$87
75-minute Treatment$103
90-minute Treatment$123
Craniosacral Therapy 
You can choose to combine craniosacral and massage therapy in one treatment – just ask when booking.
60-minute Treatment$87
Treatment (45-60 minutes)$70
Indie Head Massage 
30 minutes$58
Aromatherapy Massage 
30 minutes$68
45 minutes$80
60 minutes$92
75 minutes$108
90 minutes$128
Aromatherapy Consultations:
Fees for consultations will range depending on time required to discuss and review your needs, as well as to prepare your customized blend(s). For email/phone consultations, fees can range from $5-25 +hst. For in-person consultations at the clinic the fee is $50 +hst. Your custom blend(s) can then be purchased at an additional cost. A quote can be given at the time of inquiry by email/phone.
Initial Session$95
Subsequent Sessions$80
Naturopathic Consultations 
Initial Visit – Adult (60-90 minutes)$155.00
Initial Visit – Senior (60-90 minutes)$130.00
Initial Visit – Child (45-60 minutes)$130.00
Subsequent Visits – Adult (60 minutes)$110.00
Subsequent Visits – Adult (30 minutes)$70.00
Subsequent Visits – Adult (45 minutes)$80.00
Therapeutic Acupuncture/Reiki (30 minutes) - available only after initial consult$60.00
Subsequent Visits – Senior/Children/Students (60 minutes)$95.00
Subsequent Visits – Senior/Children/Students (45 minutes)$68.00
Therapeutic Acupuncture/Reiki Senior/Children/Students (30 minutes)$51.00
Phone Consult/Check In - available only after initial consult$40.00
Custom Orthotics 
Cost varies depending on the nature of the orthotic. Please contact us for details.

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