For hundreds of years, Indie Head Massage has been used in India to improve tissue health, circulation, and to reduce stress and headaches. It can be very useful in treating sinus inflammation, headaches, migraines, insomnia and anxiety while also creating a sense of well being. Indie Head Massage techniques are used to target myofascial pain in connective tissue and muscles, while promoting relaxation.

What to expect
Your indie head massage appointment will be done laying on your back. Your therapist will begin treatment assessing the tissues of your face, neck and scalp before using oil to massage these areas using specific techniques to relax, loosen and soothe these areas.

You should expect your hair and face to be oily after treatment, so waiting to shower after your appointment is recommended!

Many clients like to incorporate indie head massage into an hour treatment, to work on the back as well. The choice is yours on your treatment length.

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