Well-being starts from the ground up
Your feet support you with each step you take, so if you suffer from foot pain or discomfort in your knees, hips or lower back, there is a good chance your symptoms are a result of improper foot mechanics.

Whether this malfunction is caused by injury, genetics, poor muscle tone or improper footwear, custom orthotics can relieve pain and help restore your feet to good health.

If the shoe fits ...
Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that provide your feet with support by helping to correct misalignments and relieve pressure. Unlike commercial shoe inserts, custom orthotics are uniquely designed to match the individual shape and needs of your foot.

Properly prescribed custom orthotics can prevent injury, improve your posture and athletic performance, and alleviate foot, leg and back pain.

Your feet deserve only the best
Priority Massage and Health is pleased to partner with Precision Orthotic Laboratories to offer the highest quality custom orthopedic foot care available.

The proprietary methods of Precision Orthotic Laboratories uses the latest in technology, along with traditional methods, to insure a custom product is made above and beyond the industry standards. Whether it is made from polypropylene, EVA or 3D printed Nylon the orthotics are durable and backed with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Your custom analysis begins at Priority Massage and Health, where one of our specially-trained staff takes an impression of each of your feet. These impressions are then sent to Precision Orthotic Laboratories for analysis, where highly-skilled laboratory technicians and certified Pedorthists fabricate your orthotics to prescription specifications. Your new, custom orthotics are delivered to us within a few weeks.

Don’t suffer through pain during the hot summer when sandals are the more fashionable choice in footwear. Ask about the custom sandals available through Precision Orthotic Laboratories.

Comfort your way
Precision Orthotic Laboratories produces orthotics for a wide variety of shoe types, so there is no need to suffer with foot pain, no matter how you work or play!

Custom orthotics and accessory devices can be made for:

Custom orthotics can be made for:

  • Casual walking shoes
  • Dress shoes and high heels
  • Safety boots
  • Running shoes
  • Children's shoes
  • Specialty athletic footwear, including:
    • Soccer shoes
    • Court shoes
    • Golf shoes
    • Skates
    • Ski boots

They can also be made to help with specific medical conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Flat footedness
  • And, of course, gait problems

Custom orthotics are typically covered on extended health care benefits. Coverage varies depending upon the plan and company. Orthotics are not covered by OHIP. A doctor’s prescription is usually required for reimbursement by extended health care companies.

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